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Gilbert Palau

I am an accomplished systems engineer with 20+ years of progressive IT leadership. Adept at identifying and leveraging opportunities for improvement across all IT operations. Instrumental in streamlining processes, conducting root cause analysis, and resolving escalated issues. Dedicated to training and motivating high-performance technical teams. Skilled in prioritizing, multi-tasking, and managing concurrent projects in fast-paced work environments. Finely honed leadership, relationship-building, communication, project management, negotiation, analytical, and issue resolution skills.

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Sr. Desktop Engineer (08-2013 - PRESENT)

Univision brought me on board as both the Technical Lead for Apple Hardware and Software as well as the Senior Desktop Engineer working with software applications for Mac and Windows deployments. As the Technical Lead for Apple Hardware and Software I am the first point of contact for the Desktop Support teams when it comes to troubleshooting and training of these teams. I also work closely with the Purchasing and Finance groups, in order to coordinate Volume Purchase Programs software sales and Device Enrollment Program for the hardware we buy and deploy across the corporate environment.

As the Senior Desktop Engineer for the company, I build and support the infrastructure we use to deploy Apple devices to employees, build and maintain software applications, first and third party patching cycles, develop imaging and deployment workflows for all Macs in our environment, as well as creating application bundles using Adobe Creative Cloud Packager and deploying them and act as primary point of contact for all Apple-related support, use, and purchasing.

I also manage our FileWave Software Server, its database and all the tools we use.


Sr. Desktop Engineer (04-2013 - 07-2013)

Supported T-Mobile RBO (Retail Business Office) in Frisco, TX with around 600 employees on site, the North-West Texas Market (everything except Lubbock, San Antonio, Austin and Houston) with around 2600 stores and field employees (around 400) with remote accessing their systems and refreshing content or push new images out. Remote Access done with RDP and VNC.

As part of this team I would also support and carry out computer re-imaging from Windows XP to Windows 7, printer support, Ingenico Credit Card processors, HTG Inventory Scanners, etc. Active Directory support for adding and removing computers, creating new images using SCCM and Ghost.

Mission Foods (09-2012 - 03-2013)

Desktop Engineer

As part of the Desktop Engineering team in Mission Foods I worked across 10 sites in UK and Europe. I was the first point of contact for any IT related issues (hardware, software and network). I would work with dealing with high priority issues on real time production environments. I was also responsible for deploying and maintenance of any hardware and software for user base.

I would be the liaison with 3rd party vendors for purchasing hardware/software based on requirement. Dealing with Providers on a daily basis for telecoms and mobile issues, monitoring new installations. I was also in charge of maintaining and managing of IT inventory and provided IT inductions to new employees.

MAXSys Consulting (06-2012 - 09-2012)

Desktop Engineer

I joined MAXSys as a contractor to work on various projects where they needed to insert and engineer that could carry out tasks that required creativity and technical prowess to be carried out.

The first project was at Ad Agency Rapp Collins in Irving – I supported the work environment composed of 90% Apple Mac hardware and 10% Windows Laptops while I built an image deployment solution for Mac OS X using Deploy Studio and application deployment solution to package and script applications for installation using Munki and a Software Update System for Mac's using Reposado.

After the project at Rapp Collins wrapped up I started working in a project at GameStop Corporate HQ, pushing updates to over 10,000 stores for their new POS OS.

Other projects involved overseeing the deployment of 241 computers (25 of them laptops) for the new offices in Fort Worth, TX of QBE. I flew to Wisconsin to meet the team of engineers for the TSA Project and for a week trained on supporting their Citrix deployment at this new facility. I was flown back to FW, TX to personally coordinate the receiving of all the computers and assemble a deployment line with resources provided by QBE. The deployment scheduled time was for 7 days and even though we met several obstacles during the course of the deployment (outside of my area of responsibility) I was able to manage the 5 employees under my supervision and was able to meet the demand required by the company to have the deployment made on time with little to no downtime. I was also responsible for pushing the images to the new computer deployments using SCCM.

I was tasked with handing out a report every hour for every day we were deploying to the corporate HQ of QBE in Wisconsin and keep everyone updated in the deployment situation. The new computers were being imaged with Windows 7 Professional and had a full Citrix Desktop configuration that included Microsoft Office 2011 and other proprietary tools required for the task.

Joerns Healthcare

Desktop Engineer

The IT Department was in a transition to move from Stevens Point, WI to Arlington, TX and they needed help with their 700 employees and computer systems. Their offices were located all over the US (Stevens Point, WI, Chatsworth, CA, Baldwyn, MI, Charlotte, NC), as well as in London, but the company lacked a deployment server and didn't have the funds or operational needs to purchase a std. enterprise solution.

My main responsibilities were to support the employees of the company everything from configure desktop access to SAP, printers, Cisco Phone systems, Unity Voicemail Systems, iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones.

I also supported the Marketing Group and the C-Level (CEO, CIO, etc.) customers using Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Active Directory.

Rent-A-Center Corporate (06-2009 - 09-2012)

Senior Desktop Support

Day to day projects would go from general desktop support for PC Imaging using Altiris, application support, networking issues, and other peripheral support. I Managed a project where I had to build an image deployment architecture to support a couple of departments within the RAC Home Office that relied exclusively on Mac OS X Computers.

I Created Mac OS X Images, deployed them with Deploy Studio and Distributed applications for Mac, with Munki, a deployment system for distributing mac applications over the network. I also built and maintained an Open Directory infrastructure that was linked to the AD infrastructure in the company to allow Mac computers to access authenticated shares across the AD as well as integrate them better with our architecture. I built and maintained a deployment server using Deploy Studio, and other tools available and was able to provide support to Netboot and Image Mac Computers Remotely.

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